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Unlock college savings with in-state tuition. Risk-free.

InstateMe simplifies your residency process with personalized, expert guidance.

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Trusted by 70+ families

How much will I save?

I'm a



University of Texas at Austin

UT's Non-Resident Tuition:



every semester

UT's Resident Tuition:



every semester


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See why students across the United States trust InstateMe.

How It Works

Easily and confidently attain in-state residency with our expert guidance and customized strategy, starting with a simple introductory call with our team of advisors.

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Schedule a free consultation to learn about how InstateMe can help you save on tuition costs. We'll formulate a plan for your situation, and get started on saving your thousands.


Sit Back

Achieve in-state residency quickly and legally with our expert guidance. Our dedicated team streamlines the process and keeps you informed every step of the way through an online dashboard.

Save Money


Once you qualify for in-state tuition, your residency is set for the duration of college. InstateMe asks for fraction of your first-year savings. And, you never pay if we don't succeed.

Life is complicated. Make residency simple.

The in-state process is a journey. We're here to lend a hand, every step of the way.

Save thousands

Qualify for in-state tuition to save your hard-earned money.

Zero risk

Qualify for in-state tuition or you pay us nothing.

Residency advisor

Personalized strategy roadmap and appointment setting.

Entity formation

Acquire domicile by owning and operating a TX business.

Client dashboard

Easily check your residency status and progress.

Personal support

Our dedicated team of experts is always here for you.


Affording college can be a challenge, but at InstateMe, we're dedicated to helping ambitious students from all backgrounds attend their dream schools.

With our expert knowledge of in-state residency requirements, we offer a comprehensive service to help you secure in-state tuition without the need for a gap year.

Let us take the hassle out of the process and help you achieve your ambition of attending a top university loan-free.

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Help Us Help You

What are you waiting for? It only takes 1 minute to schedule a call – begin the in-state journey now.

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