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Refer a Friend

Get your friend in-state tuition while earning up to gift cards for yourself by referring them today!

A simple 3-Step Process

Refer Friends

You can serve as evidence to your friends that in-state tuition is possible by sharing your experience with us.

Check In

Make sure to check in on your friend periodically throughout the process to offer encouragement and support. After all, their success is important to you, and you are invested in helping them achieve it.

Get Paid

Get ready to be rewarded! Score Amazon gift cards as a token of our appreciation. Check out the breakdown below to see how much you could earn.

Reward Tier System

Join our referral program and start earning - with rewards of $250 for the first referral and $500 for the second and beyond, there's no limit to how much you can earn


2nd friend sign up


1st friend sign up

Help Us Help You

What are you waiting for? It only takes 1 minute to refer a friend– help them begin the in-state journey now.

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