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We empower students to achieve their academic goals and excel in the real world by providing the resources to attend their dream school

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At InstateMe, we understand the struggles and barriers that students face when navigating the residency process. Our founder, Jake, experienced this firsthand while helping his brother at UT and realized the need for a solution.

With a passion for making education accessible, regardless of background or connections, he used his residency knowledge to create InstateMe. We believe that every student deserves the opportunity to attend their dream school, and we are committed to providing the necessary support to make that a reality. We provide an unparalleled level of service and are proud to have helped so many students save an average of $80,000 on tuition.


As the founder and CEO of InstateMe, Jake is committed to making higher education more accessible for all students. InstateMe is a resident consulting firm that specializes in helping students and families qualify for in-state tuition at public schools. With his background in strategy consulting and a degree from Vanderbilt University, Jake brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in organizational design, marketing, and business to the company.


Jake directly witnessed the limitations of attending a private school with no in-state tuition option, and saw how many of his friends were forced to attend their local state school solely because of the reduced in-state tuition. Determined to find a solution, Jake dedicated himself to learning how to qualify anyone, regardless of their background, for local residency. His passion for equity in education led him to create InstateMe, a company that is dedicated to providing personalized guidance and expert assistance to students and families looking to qualify for in-state tuition.



Jake Silver

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