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To-do's while the state reviews your LLC

InstateMe will send your info to the state and follow up after your LLC is approved (approx 7 days)

Acquire Lease


Reach out to your current landlord or your university's housing office to request a proof of address (this is typically a lease). We will use this to form a business bank account!


Set up Venmo

As a business owner, you'll need a quick and easy way to collect payments from your customers. Any mobile payment app does the trick. They are secure, convenient, and help you get paid faster. 

Schedule DPS


Schedule your Texas license appointment. Odds are the appointment is months out and that's okay! We just need you to have either a driver license or state ID card within 10 months.

After the state approves your LLC, InstateMe will create a personal dashboard for you and reach out with steps!

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