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Lone Star Scholars

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Low Income Students Can't afford 95% of Traditional Colleges

At school

We understand the challenges that students face when trying to access higher education. That's why we're dedicated to providing $1,000 sponsorships to our Lone Star Scholars for various forms of alternative education. Our goal is to empower students by recognizing their potential and motivation. With the increasing cost of traditional college, alternative forms of education are more important than ever. 

For instance, coding bootcamps and trade schools not only provide a path to successful careers, but also equip students with valuable skills and knowledge. These programs are financially viable, with lower tuition costs and flexible class lengths, allowing students to balance their education with other responsibilities. The emphasis on hands-on, real-world experience ensures that students are well-prepared for word that awaits them.



100% of donations go to funding Lone Star Scholars' education, with payments made directly to schools on their behalf. You have the satisfaction of knowing exactly where your money is being invested and the direct impact it is making.



We select scholars based on attributes, recognizing that non-academic challenges can affect academic success. To apply, graduates submit a short essay and a 2-minute video that highlights their story.



We believe that alternative education can provide a more sustainable future for high school graduates than traditional college. As long as their educational path is beneficial to themselves and their community, we support it.

Empower Scholars

Unlock students' potential with just a 30-second donation. Every dollar goes directly to supporting our Scholars

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